Retailing Revolution

Retailing Revolution - Retailing Revolution Introduction...

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Unformatted text preview: Retailing Revolution Introduction Transformations in marketing and distribution, 1700s and 1800s What Changes occurred during the Retailing Revolution? decline in traditional wholesalers as middlemen adoption of new selling techniques (ticketed prices. Price competition, advertising, window displays, more cash selling) small shops for the masses chain stores, multiple stores owned by a single firm department stores o many of these innovations were appearing first in Britain, due to experience with global trade and industrial revolution 18 th Century Innovations by 1750s assortment of shops for different clientele petty shops or backstreet shops for lower classes o unfortunately shopkeepers were looked down on because they were small business making little profit, but individually they were very important o eg. London in late 1700s: o comprised more than half of stores, almost 40% of revenue, handled 50-70% of tea business o expanding tea trade and British demand for tea innovative selling techniques o labeling of prices o discounts for cash o some money-back guarantees (small number of goods, tea) o some ready-made clothing o advertising, variety of business were advertising through ads in newspapers, trade cards and shop signs...
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Retailing Revolution - Retailing Revolution Introduction...

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