Voyages of Discovery

Voyages of Discovery - Voyages of D iscovery: Spain enters...

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Voyages of Discovery: Spain enters the New World Sailing West to the Americas (“New World”) (Americas: North, Central, and South America, as well as Caribbean islands) Why did Europeans want to Cross the Atlantic? Alternative route to Asia – shortcut o didn’t realize there would be a huge land mass, the Americas in their way Alternative route to Asia – Portuguese blocked route around Africa Power, profits and fame o Merchants, monarchs and explorers had desire for these things Religious motivation o Wanting to find Christian’s and wanting to find non Christian’s and converting them 1. Early Spanish Exploration Christopher Columbus – (Cristoforo Colombo) Columbus was not the first person to find the America’s the Vikings did in the 11 th Century and there is a theory that Portuguese made it across the Atlantic before Columbus Many public misconceptions about where Columbus traveled o Many people thought Columbus traveled to the US and North America but Columbus NEVER set foot in North America Columbus would make 4 voyages across the Atlantic o First stumbled across islands in the Caribbean and in later voyages went to central America and explored along the shore and also the top part of South America His trips across the Atlantic were seen as the most important voyages of the new world and began the process of linking the old and new world economies CHRISTOPHER COLUMBUS - From Genoa, Italian city states, one of the most important commercial ports - Came from a business background his father was a businessman
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Voyages of Discovery - Voyages of D iscovery: Spain enters...

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