Tutuorial summary of commodities

Tutuorial summary of commodities - and brought to Europe...

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Tea China controlled production for a long time, because it was hard to grow it elsewhere Dutch and English introduce to Europe Introduce tea in coffeehouses Tea takes on a civilization, tea is a luxury, seen as femine, people would sit and have tea and gossip, so this is why it is gendered female Coffee coffee is grown in yemen and ethopia, introduced from Arabic world, europeans who traded there would visit coffeehouse and introduced this to coffeehouse, traders were familiar with this
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Unformatted text preview: and brought to Europe • Masculine public culture in coffeehouse • coffee could be transplanted easily and plantations could be done easily, monopolies are broken • plantations bring up slaves Chocolate • Columbus discovered chocolate when they stole a ship and had cargo with cacao in Maya • Ecuador and Venezuela big producers introduced there because they become popular among the Spanish elite in New Spain, (mexico) • Molinillo used to foam the choclate Yerbal Mate *...
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