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The Urban World Of Medieval Business (Lecture 2)

The Urban World Of Medieval Business (Lecture 2) - T he U...

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The Urban World Of Medieval Business by the Central Middle Ages, especially by the 12 th and 13 th centuries urban centres were numerous and prospering This growth was related to rural transformations eg. increase in agricultural production increase in population gradual disintegration of manorial system, this allowed people to migrate to urban areas Once they entered the urban areas they could be wage earners or even start a business themselves Two Urban Concentrations Northern Italy in the South Low countries and Northern France in the North NORTHERN ITALY linked Western Europe with the ‘East’ – (the region that had been the old eastern roman empire, essentially that included the lands just east of the Mediterranean) Italian’s became commercial middlemen in long- distance trade The Italians became the commercial middlemen in a network of long distance trade that linked the east with the west North and south trade was initiated by traveling merchants
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In Italy urban growth 1 st in port cities, e.g. Pisa, Genoa and Venice Inland cities also grew, e.g. Milan and Florence By 1300 Milan was the largest city in Western Europe, a population of 200,000 people Italian cities were very independent by developing
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