October 30, 2007

October 30, 2007 - The Atlantic Slave Trade Introduction o...

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The Atlantic Slave Trade Introduction o 15 th – 19 th century: 12 million African slaves (peaked at 18 th century, 6 million) o Do not include the Africans who died in transit o Slavery was not a new concept but Atlantic Slave Trade was unique First time that slavery was being associated with a single race Number of slaves being traded and extorted reached extraordinary heights The Atlantic System o Triangular network of trade linking Western Europe, Africa and Americas o America (Raw materials) Europe (Manufacturers) Africa (Slaves) America Europeans often paid for Slaves by manufactured goods Weapons, metal tools, decorative items, alcohol and tobacco Otherwise bought other goods from Africa Elephant tusks, ivory, gold, yams Slaves transported to colonies in Americas Slaves produced raw materials in Americas that was sent back to Europe Coffee, sugar, tobacco, cotton and rice plantations o Europeans were consuming larger quantities of slave produced commodities Changed culture of Europeans to consumer society Peak of Atlantic system marked the beginning of a consumer society for the growing European middle class Eg. Coffee o Led to establishment of Coffee Houses o Beginning in 1600s o New public space for middleclass men Read newspapers Drink coffee Smoke tobacco Discuss politics and business
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October 30, 2007 - The Atlantic Slave Trade Introduction o...

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