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HOMEWORK #10 Selected Solutions P1 1 - α = P[Accept H o | H o true] fabricator claims beams are premium, and found to be true, both engineer and fabricator are happy α = P[Reject H o | H o true] Engineer falsely accuses fabricator of selling non- premium beams β = P[Accept H o | H o false] Engineer unknowingly buys non-premium beams, fabricators gets away with selling non-premium beams 1 - β = P[Reject H o | H o false] Engineer correctly accuses fabricator of selling non-premium beams P2 a) For all 10 samples, P-value > α = 0.1 accept H o for all 10 samples (depend on the data) b) Ho was never rejected, so an ‘incorrect decision’ was never made. (depend on the data) P[reject H o | H o true] = α = 0.1 on average , expect to incorrectly reject H o in 1 out of 10 samples c) P-values are listed in a). They are not all the same. (depend on data, possibly some values happen to be the same by chance)
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d) If α = 0.05 instead of 0.1 is used, no decisions to accept H o are changed, because all the p-values were already all greater than 0.1, the only way to
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Hw__10_Solutions_to_POST - HOMEWORK #10 Selected Solutions...

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