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CHEE 5369/6369 Quiz # 11 (closed book) Tuesday April 21, 2009 A multiple-effect evaporator is used for evaporating 200 metric tons of water per ay from a salt solution. The initial cost for the first effect is $ 20,000, and each additional effect costs $ 15,000. The service life of the evaporator is estimated to be 5 years with no salvage value. Fixed charges excluding depreciation are 15 percent yearly, based on the first cost of the equipment. Steam costs $ 3.16 per metric
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Unformatted text preview: ton. Annual maintenance charges are 5 percent of the initial equipment cost. The unit will operate 300 days per year. If the metric tons of water evaporated per metric ton of steam equal 0.85 X 2 , where X is the number of effects, determine the optimum number of effects for minimum annual total cost. t-\ , , ~ w ¥~ J '-------I-" yS ~ ~---: ~ JLt . ~ J ( \ Ie . c b < 3 ( '1 '-\ 6, \ \ b ) )-----x'"'...
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