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Chapter Objectives for Chapter 12, Petrucci, 9th ed. - Edited for Chemistry 1AA3. Chapter 12: Liquids, Solids and Intermolecular Forces. 1. Describe vaporization, including its enthalpy change, vap H Δ . 2. Define viscosity and describe how intermolecular forces affect viscosity. 3. Explain what occurs when a liquid vaporizes in a closed container: the dynamic equilibrium between a liquid and its vapor. 4. Determine vapor pressure experimentally, estimate values from tables or graphs, and predict whether vapor and/or liquid is present under specific conditions. 5. Describe the significance of the critical point. 6. Explain how vapor pressure and temperature are related and the meaning of boiling. 7. Understand the six terms that apply to phase changes of solids, liquids and vapors (melting/fusion, freezing, vaporization, condensation, sublimation, condensation).
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Unformatted text preview: 8. Interpret simple phase diagrams and use phase diagrams to predict changes that occur as a substance is heated, cooled, or undergoes a change in pressure. Describe the significance of the triple point, critical point, normal melting point and normal boiling point. 9. Describe the difference between intra- and intermolecular forces, distinguish the different types of forces between molecules (London, dipole and hydrogen bonding forces), and explain how these forces influence physical properties (e.g., melting point, boiling point, viscosity, vapor pressure). 10. State the conditions that lead to hydrogen bonds, explain how hydrogen bonds differ from other types of intermolecular forces, and describe the effect of hydrogen bonds on physical properties. Page 1 of 1...
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