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Phys. Chem. I: (CHEM211): Mid-Term Exam. 19:30-22:30, Oct.19, 2007. [1] (10) In this Physical Chemistry course, the professor said that an excited state (e.g. 3s orbital) in the H atom has a large radius, and so it tends to be delocalized (i.e., dispersed). Then, a week later, in the class the professor explained the uncertainty principle and gave an example of an electron in a 1- Dimensional box: “The second excited state needs to be localized (i.e., confined) in a smaller space corresponding to one third the box length. Therefore, the energy needs to be higher.” Then, an amazingly br ight young lady (student) asked the professor the following question: “Well, then, the two cases seem to be contradictory.” The professor was not able to answer at that instant because he needed to think it carefully. In the next class, he would give the correct explanation. What would it be? (Hint: how can we define the momentum changes in a 1-Dim box and in a hydrogen atom?). [2] (10) Derive the equation to obtain the distribution of wave lengths at room temperature for a monolayer of gold. Find its distinct difference from that of the bulk gold. [3] (10) Describe the difference in physical understanding between the photoelectron effect and the Plank’s blackbody radiation. Both phenomena should be clearly explained. [4] (10) Using Bohr-Sommerfeld quantization rule, calculate the 1s to 2s transition
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pChem_midterm(2007F) - Phys. Chem. I: (CHEM211): Mid-Term...

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