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physchemfinal2 - ,pnd wim mum Iran-my(at became further In...

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Unformatted text preview: ,pnd wim mum: Iran-my (at became further In): M}. dacrusmg mummy) Dmvtcxnmsnmu (or the line: wimm makmu mummim. am m. m. m mutant; me me same m the mullet 2nd “we: vmmnmm sums. Explnln an unequal “mug of m: 1m. by usm the Mud Hyman.“ 505m) [mum H1: kllowm; nutslims fnr mp alum "Mauls (a: Czcx-m (a: The cm plane at one end a! m moleculc mnkm a ram. um]: :50 dam WI“. m: (211-, plume. n m» m" r ‘ m CH. pane ism is a Iflgmfl seam, where the m on bonds and on: u ' ma pm; 3) [he mum a: .n all I, mm. these H‘Aervannns wa1 me vuamcioud Lhaxy Khybriizafian {m a hunk mm m lrnlaculu mm: (mm (Marv 1m I band: 0:: 1mm (a: draw) a." me symmy .Lunem a; the mum. msnum Ans‘c.‘ me ro‘lowmz all: s abnuc NHS makcuk m Tukinl as a basis the mm H l: cvauls and me N 25 3mm. :cl up in m mum; rm manual the Cw point mm H. mm 1w; (by 30mm: hy mum man-1K mummimiun m. we mun .. mm. (c: mum-inc [my many an“! em rrnlucimz reprzsanuuon of CM Is cnnumsd .n we munblc xcprmnlnfion m (a) (0; Find an symmulry mum‘s (’symmuryindzpt’ed huarcomtinaum :1! mm: /)\ whims) mm Ir: me: m five lrrlduc'ble repmsenmuons. ' min" a: afi" (e) Line-r [nmhiunlimu ul “IE lymnglry urbllsls mm m same symmeu'y vnll 5w: V the “"1an Maud malaculm m ml: CJnthcl L‘IE xymmury—Idzpzed molecular erbium a! a; ”lullaby, and :kach {he snuff or m» )r ,l " ‘ r 7 1%,“: We. m! mm. mum mm m mm: 4 v H . 4 + (a: The mum!" m, ,. mm, m7 um um mm a. 1.. m Mom Em}: a a 2:2; > 4... > In. > in. > (b, > 2:11 am pm gmurd’slzxe Ind nm :xmrmuA * : elezumm: confunlauon: nf mu molacuk / » ~ lb‘, 1: the elacmc final: Kinsman mm”. the fimund .nd hm :xcllod ekclmni: r : < * ”Alex H] up moluule In {.7 mowed" Ir snowed mm mama.“ a! ham i: n nemsm-y m usr° + ‘ ‘ (a) ”damn“! the symmetflzs nf u» m.‘ mud: Vihnnonsv (a) I: u: z-polmnd m; 5 used for an human, how does 9.: gm.“ m we Skgbdl L‘r Immanu— or um vhzfianzl xterm/m or liqmd mm :1 rm kmvmmlfl: "INDIE 1M m‘ Tm: $kuclur¢ whxh will m b: Iridwd " mum phage) V '1 w E JUN) 11‘ a J/ Eamon» ‘ E- [(741 (731w: r7 ’ (737m 7‘ng +7 a“ ’1‘le 2< ...
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