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LEARNING TEAM “A”CHARTER Course Title FIN/370 All team members participated in the  creation of this charter and agree with  its contents  X   (Please check) Instructor Mr. Fields Course Dates April 4, 2011 Team Members/Personal Information Julie Bulano (423) 356-5153 anytime [email protected] Travis Mosier 423-509-3210 anytime [email protected] Jessica Myers 423-645-9803 anytime [email protected] Approved Team Communication Formats: 1. U o P Forums – Learning team forums and chat rooms. 2. Phone/ Cell phone- a great way to keep each other informed when the internet is not available. 3. E-mail- Emails should be used sparingly, any info that can be emailed can also be posted in the team forums. We need to concentrate most of our communications in the forums 4. Team Meetings/ in person- Team meetings are great ways to collaborate on ideas. All team meetings in our class will be prior to or after class. Learning Team Goals Our goal is team excellence through collaboration, hard work, growth in leadership skills, and complete understanding of tasks, that are to be accomplished. We hope to achieve a high level of academic performance, while balancing work and life with our academic goals. Also, we will work together as a team to help each other accomplish our goals for this class. As a high performance team we will strive to help each other in our weaknesses and use our strengths to accomplish 1
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work, and achieve our academic goals. As a team we expect no less than 100% effort in any project or assignment that is tasked to our group. What are potential barriers to the achievement of these goals?
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