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Testing Intelligence - are due to age differences alone...

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Testing Intelligence By: Cody Hudson Did you feel the results were accurate? Why or why not? I do believe the results were accurate for me. I scored a 110 and I tried to answer as many questions as possible and accurately as possible. The question I have is just how accurate was the test. There were some questions in the IQ test that I wasn’t sure about I mad an educated guess. The question that I had was, “Did I get lucky and get it right, or did I really get the answer right?” Was the test biased in any way? Be sure to incorporate information learned from your textbook reading. I am not sure. Was my score based on the scores of individuals in a similar cross- sectional spread. If it was then I think it was biased based on my demographics. According to our readings: “Cross-sectional research has limitations, however. For instance, we cannot be sure that the differences in IQ scores we might find in our example
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Unformatted text preview: are due to age differences alone. Instead, the scores may reflect differences in the educational attainment of the cohorts represented” (Feldman, 2010). Based on the information that I had to provide at the end of the IQ Test, I do believe that my score was biased on the scores of similar individual. How do you feel about these types of scores being used to compare you with another person? Please explain. I do not believe that this score compared to individuals is an accurate representation of how smart individuals are. I may be a little ignorant on what an IQ test looks for but I do not believe that it accurately reflect emotional intelligence and common sense. IQ tests are a good start at measuring intelligence but it is not a good measure of overall intelligence....
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