CFS364Spring2011Chapter1note - Chapter 1 - Nutrition,...

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1 Chapter 1 - Nutrition, Exercise, and Health Basic nutrition review 6 Nutrients • Carbohydrates • Protein • Fat • Vitamins • Minerals • Water Nutrients Essential - nutrients required in the diet Nonessential - nutrients not required in the diet Energy nutrients (you will use this during the semester . . . know these) • Carbohydrate (4 calories/g) • Fat (9 calories/g) • Protein (4 calories/g) Nutrition Recommendations: General Population vs. Athletes • General public recommendations also apply to more active populations (especially for training purposes) • There are nutrition recommendations for some athletes for competitions; for example, carbohydrates and fluids may be reduced by wrestlers prior to a match in order to reduce their body mass. Resources for nutrition information 1. Dietary Guidelines for Americans – guidelines published in 2005 that provide dietary and lifestyle advice to healthy individuals over the age of 2 to maintain good health and prevent chronic diseases. Below are some key recommendations:
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CFS364Spring2011Chapter1note - Chapter 1 - Nutrition,...

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