ACCT 209 HW1 (Instructions, Data)

ACCT 209 HW1 (Instructions, Data) - Accounting 209 Fall,...

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Accounting 209 Fall, 2010 Project #1 REX CARSWELL AUTO REPAIRS A Practice Problem GENERAL INSTRUCTIONS AND PROJECT REQUIREMENTS This project requires you to prepare accounting records for Rex Carswell Auto Repairs for the month of September. Information on the company’s transactions is provided below, and more specific, step-by-step instructions follow. Working papers are also provided on the course web site. We will discuss the problem and work a small part of the problem in class, but you will be responsible for completing most of the problem on you own. Help, if needed, is available from the instructor or can be found by visiting the Accounting 209 Help Desk, located on the 4 th floor of Wehner. The problem is completed in two parts. You will prepare manual (paper and pencil) accounting records. You will then use the information prepared to take two on-line quizzes, and your project is graded based on these quizzes. These quizzes will ask questions about the problem; if you have completed the problem to the appropriate point, you will easily be able to answer the questions. The first quiz is worth 15 points, and the second is worth 10. The scores on the two quizzes add up to the total 25 points available for Project 1. THESE QUIZZES WILL BE TIMED; you will have ONE HOUR FROM THE TIME YOU FIRST LOG ON to complete each quiz. Individual quiz scores will not be released until after the submission deadline; if you fail to submit the quiz by the due date, you will NOT have another opportunity to submit. Since solutions will be available immediately after the submission
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ACCT 209 HW1 (Instructions, Data) - Accounting 209 Fall,...

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