Chapter 6 part 2 - b) $21,475.81 E6-12 Building C because...

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Chapter 6 part 2 (BE6-10, BE6-16, E6-7, E6-8, E6-12, E6-13, E6-22) BE6-10 $201,302.44 immediate withdrawal $217,406.64 BE6-16 Rate 11% E6-7 a) $588,738.05 b) $735,449.63 c) $920,153.72 E6-8 a) $64,427.42
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Unformatted text preview: b) $21,475.81 E6-12 Building C because he will have extra money for the space he can rent E6-13 selling price $52,348,206.81 investment with withdrawal at year-end...
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