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Short answer 1- To unprotect a password-protected worksheet, press ALT + R , PS. 2- After the file is opened, Excel displays a certification icon on the ____ 3- To record a macro press ALT +____, P M. 4- To view the VBA code for a macro, click the ____ button on Developer tab. 5- Comments begin with the word ____ or an apostrophe. 6- You can reset the Quick Access Toolbar to its installation default by clicking the _____ button on the customize quick access toolbar page of the excel options dialog box. 7- If you want to delete a control, select the control while in Design mode and then press the Delete key. 8- When you select multiple controls, Excel displays only those Properties that are common to the controls selected. 9- Excel automatically displays the comment lines in the color Green . Keywords, such as private and sub appear in blue. Other code appears with a black font color. 10- In the Visual Basic Editor, Sub and End Sub statements automatically are inserted when selected control does not contain procedure. Multiple Choice
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quizz bank - Short answer 1- To unprotect a...

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