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True / false 25. excel appends file:/ to the beginning of the address to indicate that the address points to a  file saved on disk 26. the convert text to columns wizard can be used only when a range that includes a single  column is selected. 27. when the range is transposed the first row of the selected range becomes the first row of the  destination range and so on 28. the technique of replicating the formulas after completing the import is necessary because  the total number of records to be imported usually is unknown. 29. sharing should be used only for the purpose of viewing the contents of worksheet data 30.to print the comments where they appear on the worksheet click show all comments on the 
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Unformatted text preview: review tab on the ribbon move and resize the comments as necessary and then print the worksheet. 31. after a shared workbook is protected no one can unprotect or change it except the owner 32. to open a workbook and review tracked changes press ALT+T, G, C. 33.the default chart type for a pivotchart is a clustered column chart. 34. if you are not sure of the time period that will elapse before you merge workbooks that you send out for changes set a small number of days for keeping the change history. 35. to add a trend line to a chart, press ALT+JA, CTRL+M 36. when a worksheet is printed its background would also be printed....
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