Pre-test Quiz Unit 2

Pre-test Quiz Unit 2 - Pre-Test Quiz Unit 2 (Chapters...

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Psychology 2003 Multiple Choice Identify the letter of the choice that best completes the statement or answers the question. ____ 1. Which theory of color vision best explains why the color of an afterimage is the complement of the original color? a. the Young-Helmholtz trichromatic theory b. the Hering opponent-process theory c. both theories explain this phenomenon equally well d. neither theory adequately explains this phenomenon ____ 2. Which of the following terms perhaps best describes human perception? a. Organized b. Constructed c. Subjective d. All of the above ____ 3. The __________ converts light into neural energy that travels to the brain to produce visual experiences. a. Pupil b. Lens c. Retina d. optic disk ____ 4. Night and peripheral vision depend mainly on ______________, while daylight and acute vision depend mainly on _______________. a. rod cells; cone cells b. cone cells; rod cells c. rod cells; bipolar cells d. bipolar cells; cone cells ____ 5. The Gestalt principle of _____________ implies that people organize visual perception in the _______________. a. Continuity; most complex manner possible b. Proximity; top-down processing manner c. closure; bottom-up processing manner d. Pragnanz ; simplest manner possible ____ 6. Sally developed a fear of balconies after almost falling from a balcony on a couple of occasions. What was the conditioned response? a. the balcony b. fear of the balcony c. almost falling d. fear resulting from almost falling ____ 7. When the UCS is removed and the CS is presented alone for a period of time, what will occur? a. classical conditioning b. generalization c. acquisition d. extinction ____ 8. Sally developed a fear of balconies from almost falling. Although she has had no dangerous experiences on bridges or cliffs, she now fears these stimuli as well. Which of the following is likely to have produced a fear of these other stimuli? a.
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Pre-test Quiz Unit 2 - Pre-Test Quiz Unit 2 (Chapters...

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