Pre-test Quiz Unit 3

Pre-test Quiz Unit 3 - Pre-Test Quiz Unit 3 (Chapters...

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Pre-Test Quiz Unit 3 (Chapters 11,12) Psychology 2003 Multiple Choice Identify the letter of the choice that best completes the statement or answers the question. ____ 1. The final stage of prenatal development is the a. stage of the zygote b. fetal stage c. embryonic stage d. germinal stage ____ 2. Securely attached children also tend to show all of the following except a. more persistence b. greater curiosity c. greater leadership d. anxiety and resistance ____ 3. If a child knows that a ball still exists after it rolls out of sight, the child has acquired which of the following concepts? a. concrete operations b. transductive reasoning c. conservation d. object permanence ____ 4. Allen watches as a researcher pours water from a short, fat beaker into a tall, skinny beaker. He confidently announces that the tall, skinny beaker now has more water because the water is higher in that beaker. Allen's response illustrates the concept that Piaget referred to as a. object permanence b. hierarchical classification c. egocentrism d. centration ____ 5. A young child looks out the window and sees that it is raining. He assumes that it is raining everywhere, be- cause his thought is characterized by a. animism. b. egocentrism. c. irreversibility. d. conservation. ____ 6. Between ages 7 and 11, many of the restrictions of earlier patterns disappear and children can think in soph- isticated ways as long as what they are thinking about is tangibly represented. Piaget calls this stage a. concrete operations. b. formal operations. c. preoperational thought. d.
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Pre-test Quiz Unit 3 - Pre-Test Quiz Unit 3 (Chapters...

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