Pre-test Quiz Unit 4

Pre-test Quiz Unit 4 - Pre-Test Quiz Unit 4 (Chapters...

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Pre-Test Quiz Unit 4 (Chapters 16,14,15) Psychology 2003 Multiple Choice Identify the letter of the choice that best completes the statement or answers the question. ____ 1. You have gone to your car after attending a basketball game with 12,000 fans present. You are unable to start your car. The bystander effect suggests that you will have a better chance of getting help if a. it is very cold outside. b. it is very warm outside. c. few people are left in the parking lot. d. many people are left in the parking lot. ____ 2. When Bob arrived at school, he discovered that the class president declared the day to be "sockless day". As he scanned the class, Bob noticed that no one was wearing socks, and even though he felt stupid, he pro- ceeded to remove his socks. Bob's behavior is an example of a. deindividuation. b. conformity. c. disinhibition. d. counter-conditioning. ____ 3. James states that he believes in conservation of energy and care for the environment. James drives a big Ca- dillac to work every day by himself rather than car pool or take the bus. When he becomes aware of the con- tradiction here, James will feel uncomfortable because of a. sleeper effects. b. cognitive dissonance. c. attitudinal diffusion. d. responsibility diffusion. ____ 4. When examining the behavior of others, fundamental attribution error suggest that too much emphasis is placed on __________ and not enough emphasis is placed on ________. a. skills; traits b. situations; skills c. situations; traits d. traits; situations ____ 5. Ginny is asked to give a speech in favor of requiring all students to take foreign language, although her strong personal position is for no requirement. Under which of the following circumstances would you expect Ginny's attitudes to undergo the greatest change in favor of the requirement? a. She agrees to give the speech and is paid $1000 b. She agrees to give the speech for $10 c. She decides not to give the speech d. She decides not to give the speech, even though she was offered $1000 to give it ____ 6. Which of the following characteristics do we tend to attribute to physically attractive people? a. coldness b. friendliness c. unpleasantness d. low intelligence ____ 7. Which of the following could be an example of the fundamental attribution error? a. Ralph described himself as a failure. b. Ralph thought that the reason he failed was that he was sick that day. c. Jayne said Ralph failed because the test was unfair. d. Sue explained Ralph's failure in terms of his incompetence and laziness.
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____ 8. Bruce performed very well on the examination, which he attributed to native ability and hard work. Which bias does this illustrate? a. the fundamental attribution error b. the actor-observer bias c. the self-serving bias d. illusory correlation ____ 9. Which of the following is the best statement of conclusion concerning Milgram's classic study involving the learner, teacher, and ostensible shock? a.
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Pre-test Quiz Unit 4 - Pre-Test Quiz Unit 4 (Chapters...

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