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Understanding the Therapeutic Relationship

Understanding the Therapeutic Relationship - Understanding...

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Understanding the Therapeutic Relationship In what ways is the therapeutic relationship different from a relationship with an intimate friend? In what ways is it different from consulting another professional like an accountant or an attorney? What special responsibilities do therapists have because of these differences? Although you will have an intimate relationship with them, your therapist is not a "friend." So, for example, you would not spend time daily with each other or calling on the phone to talk. Appointments must be made with them just like any other professional. Unscheduled contact should only occur in emergency circumstances. Your therapist should discuss with you what circumstances define an “emergency”. Also there would be some topics you might discuss with a friend that might not be appropriate with a therapist (e.g., shopping preferences is rarely a necessary discussion in treatment). On the other hand, there might be certain, extremely private
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