ADMS 2510 Case Assignment (1)

ADMS 2510 Case Assignment (1) - maintaining control while...

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ADMS 2510 Q Case Assignment The attached Journal article “Coming up short on Non – Financial Performance Measures” , suggest approaches for managing strategy evaluation and control. Using a Real Canadian Company of your choice write a report that addresses the following: 1) Identify and briefly summarize the concepts and/or techniques described in the article. 2) Briefly describe the industry in which your organization operates. Assess how that concept and/or technique could be applied to your organization to assist in
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Unformatted text preview: maintaining control while promoting success. Point out any limitations or constraints in its application. 3) What would your role as the Management Accountant be in the implementation plan? What strengths does the Adms 2510 course bring to the table? 4) Comment on any management issues that you would expect to encounter if you attempted to implement this concept and /or technique. The maximum page limit is Five (5) pages excluding references and Appendixes ....
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