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Unformatted text preview: PHILOSOPHY MAJOR REQUIREMENTS PHILOSOPHY INTRO INTRO 101 105 107 111 LOGIC LOGIC 121 122 Plato and Aristotle Plato 201 (offered Fall only) Descartes,Hume,Kant Descartes,Hume,Kant 202 (offered Spring only) history of philosophy LOWER DIVISION COURSES UPPER DIVISION COURSES (300– AND 400– LEVEL) ANY PHILOSOPHY ANY COURSE (EPISTEMOLOGY AND METAPHYSICS) GROUP A GROUP 336 423 431 433 435 436 444 340 342 344 345 448 455 456 457 458 486 488 (VALUE THEORY) (VALUE GROUP B GROUP ANY ANY UPPER DIVISION ANY ANY UPPER DIVISION ANY ANY UPPER DIVISION Additional: • at least one course must satisfy the General Education ‘C’ requirement • Double majors need only take 8 philosophy courses, only 4 of which must be upper-division • No courses fulfilling a major requirement may be taken Pass/Fail. A minimum grade of C– is required *** PLEASE CONSULT THE UNIVERSITY BULLETIN OR AN ADVISOR FOR THE MOST UP-TO-DATE INFORMATION *** ...
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