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GOBALIZATION 1. Which is an example of how globalization affects you as a consumer? A) An early frost in the Niagara region has significantly reduced the grape harvest this year. B) General Motors has decided that they will not renew your Chevrolet dealership agreement at the end of 2009. C) A strike by the Vancouver Port Authority has virtually stopped the shipping of goods into and out of Vancouver. D) Walmart has decided to close it's Toronto purchasing office and will now do their Canadian purchasing in Bentonville, Arkansas. Feedback: The two key points are globalization and the consumer. Both have to be directly im- pacted by the statement. 2. Which contributes to a favorable balance of trade for Canada with the United States? A) A good growing season has resulted in a bumper orange crop in Florida. B) A bad growing season in Mid-Western United States has severally reduced their wheat crop. C) The U.S. government has imposed a very high tariff on imported beef from Canada. D) The buy American requirement for much of the U.S. federal government's stimulus package. Feedback: Yes, Canada's balance of trade increases as we either export more to the United States or import less from them. 3. Which is a valid reason for a Canadian manufacturer to choose a joint venture as a means of growing their business in Turkey? A) Turkey is a long way from Canada, and their culture is significantly different than ours. B) You want to keep the same company name as you have built a strong brand. C) You will spend little money on the operations in Turkey. D) You have had a mild expression of interest from a Turkish company in your product. Feedback: Re-read the strategies for reaching global markets as discussed in pages 78 through 83 of the text focusing on Foreign Direct Investment. 4. Why would Research in Motion, the maker of the Blackberry, be concerned selling their product into countries with a currency different than the Canadian dollar? A) They have to convert the foreign currency they receive from the sale of their product into Canadian dollars to pay their Canadian employees. B) Government regulations limit the amount of any foreign currency a Canadian company can have. C) Different cultures will impact the ability to do business in some foreign countries. D) Some foreign countries have a very primitive internet connectivity.
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Feedback: Read about the forces affecting trading in the text, specifically the Economic Forces on page 85. 5. Under what conditions would the North American Free Trade Agreement be sited as a reason to challenge trade actions taken? A) Canadian lumber companies selling millions and millions of board feet of pine to U.S. cus- tomers they have had to harvest because of the pine beetle infestation. B) The trade embargo imposed by the United States against Cuban goods.
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FINALreview - GOBALIZATION 1 Which is an example of how...

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