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Sample Exam 1 - Accounting 209 Name Exam#1(1 FORM A...

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Accounting 209 Name _______________________ Exam #1 FORM A SOLUTIONS AVAILABLE AT END OF EXAM (1) BEFORE YOU BEGIN THIS EXAM: Make sure all books and backpacks are put away. If you have a cell phone, please turn it off. At your seat you should have only this exam booklet, a pencil, eraser, and (if desired) a NON- PROGRAMMABLE calculator. (2) You must use a gray scantron sheet to complete the exam. Please print and bubble in your scantron sheet with the following: a. Name b. UIN (use your UIN and NOT your social security number) c. Exam Form Letter – this is EXAM FORM A. It is absolutely essential that the test form letter be filled in correctly. d. Department ACCT e. Course Number 209 f. Sign the scantron. (3) This exam consists of _____ questions. Point values for the different questions are shown on the exam. (4) You may write anywhere on the exam, but only the answer marked on the scantron will be graded. (5) Your scantron will not be returned to you, but you may keep your exam. Since the exam is yours to keep, you may separate (unstaple) the pages, use the back side of pages for scratch work, and feel free to write anywhere on the booklet. You should also mark your answers on this exam booklet to be able to check your answers against the answer key which will be posted on WebCt. (6) You have 1 hour and 45 minutes to complete the exam. (7) When you have finished, turn in only the scantron. You must show a picture ID when your turn in your scantron. (8) After you turn in your scantron, please exit the exam room quietly so as not to disturb other students who are still working. (9) Grades will be posted on WebCT as soon as possible. Remember, if you believe an error has been made in grading your exam or recording your grade, you have one week from the day the grades are posted to notify the instructor in writing. Remember the Aggie Honor Code: An Aggie does not lie, cheat, or steal, or tolerate those who do. By signing the scantron, you are acknowledging your compliance with the honor code.
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For questions 1 through 10, fill in the blanks using the following terms. NOTE that the same letter is used to identify more than one term. You may use each term once, more than once, or not at all. (2 points each) a. Assets a. Expenses a. Statement of cash flows b. Balance sheet b. Financial statements b. Statement of retained earnings c. Bank account statement c. Income statement d. Common stock d. Liabilities e. Dividends e. Revenues Accountants periodically prepare (1) ____________ to communicate information to decision makers. To present a picture at a point in time of what the business owns, or its (2 ) ____________, and what it owes, or its (3) ___________, accountants prepare a(n) (4) ____________. To report on the results of operations, accounts prepare a(n) (5) ___________ which shows (6) __________ earned and (7) __________ incurred during the period. Information on the amount of earnings distributed to owners in the form of (8) __________ is reported in the
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Sample Exam 1 - Accounting 209 Name Exam#1(1 FORM A...

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