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Tuesday, April 12 - T uesday Apri l 12, 2011 Reviewed,...

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Tuesday April 12, 2011 Reviewed, discussed and answered questions on the material for Exam 3. For Thursday April 14, 2011 Continue your study for Exam 3. Review all Lecture Notes and problems worked since Exam 3. Be certain that you understand these problems. Have a great day! Cover page for Exam 3: Accounting 210, Spring 2011, Exam 3 Print Name: ___________________________UIN#:__________________ Important instructions: 1. This examination consists of twenty-four (24) problems and two (2) short essay questions. Point values are given at the start of each item. 2. Print your name and enter your ID# on each page of the examination and on any and all extra work pages that you turn in with your exam. 3. If you find it necessary to “round,” please “round” to two decimal places . 4. Work carefully and check all of your work. 5. At the conclusion of the exam, you must turn in your entire exam and any supporting work papers. If you wish, you may record your answers on a separate sheet and use that sheet and use this sheet to check your answers with the key included with today’s lecture notes and determine your exam grade. 6 . Thank you and have a great weekend! Important Notes: 1. Exam 3 is on Thursday April 14, 2011 in class during the regular class period. 2. The makeup exam for those who missed exam 3 will be held on Friday April 22, 2011 at 3:00 pm (Come to Room 485G Wehner). 3. Recall that the grading policy for the course is as follows: Your course grade will be the HIGHER of: (1) total points earned - the total of the highest two (of the three) exams taken during the semester plus the final exam plus extra credit points earned, OR (2) the final exam (only). Note that all exams, including the final exam , are required.
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4. The instructions for the optional extra credit project along with the paper that you will use as a starting point for the assignment is included below. The due date for the project is Thursday April 21, 2011 and the tentative value is 10 points to be added to your total points for the semester (two highest exams plus the final). Have a great day! EXTRA CREDIT PROJECT: Choose a team from the “Final Four” (women’s or men’s) and redo the paper using data from the school selected performances to date in the 2011 NCAA Tournament. Or Describe and illustrate how this type of application may be used in analyzing other athletic contests – football, baseball, etc. and redo the paper accordingly. Or In a non-sports context using less traditional settings create, describe and use settings and data of particular interest to you and redo the paper accordingly. Paper: TEACHING MULTIPRODUCT SALES VARIANCES IN A NON-TRADITIONAL SETTING: EVALUATING THE PERFORMANCE OF A BASKETBALL TEAM ABSTRACT: Responsibility accounting, which involves the evaluation of organizational subunits, is a topic of considerable interest in both managerial and cost accounting courses. A review of current cost/managerial accounting texts reveals that while relatively extensive coverage is provided
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Tuesday, April 12 - T uesday Apri l 12, 2011 Reviewed,...

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