Tuesday, February 15

Tuesday February 15 - T uesday Februa ry 15 2011 Reviewed and discussed cost f lows in a manufacturing fi rm(see Lecture Notes below Discussed p

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Unformatted text preview: T uesday Februa ry 15, 2011 Reviewed and discussed cost f lows in a manufacturing fi rm (see Lecture Notes below). Discussed p rocess costing and the concept of equivalent units (see Lecture Notes below). Int roduced the concept of Just in Time (JIT) inventory control . For Thu rsday Februa ry 25, 2011 Read Chapter 4. Review today’s Lecture Notes. Read Problems 1 and 2 from Exam 2, Fall 2010. We will work these problems in class on T hursday. Have a great day! I mportant Note: T he makeup for Exam 1 is scheduled for this Fr iday, February 18, 2011 at 3:00 pm. Report to Room 485G Wehner. If you missed Exam 1 and are planning to take the m akeup please email me at [email protected] ASAP. Please See Lecture Notes Lecture Note 2-15-2011 I mportant Note: To open the above link you must hold down the CTRL key and click on the hyperlink. You must open using internet explorer ...
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