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Tuesday, January 18

Tuesday, January 18 - final are required Help...

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Tuesday January 18, 2011 Introduction Visited Website Class format (please interrupt to ask questions or make comments at ANY time). Grading (course grade will be the HIGHER of: (1) total points earned - the total of the highest two (of the three) exams taken during the semester plus the final exam, or (2) the final exam (only). Note that all exams, including the
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Unformatted text preview: final, are required. Help available (professor, TA, help desk – hours will be posted to the website). Contact me at any time (see syllabus for phone and email info). For Thursday January 20, 2011 As always, come with any questions and/or comments on today’s class. Read the syllabus. Read Chapter 1 Have a great day!...
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