Bio processes - T HE DARK CYCLE-CALVIN CYCLE Photosynthesis...

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THE DARK CYCLE----CALVIN CYCLE Photosynthesis produces reducing power, which is NADH. While reducing NAD+ to NADH the electron carrier from photosynthesis also ejects out protons. Because it is ejecting protons, it causes the H+ gradient on the outside to become so great driving the proton pump in reverse. This brings H+ protons into the cell, and produces ATP (ADP ATP) . The ATP from the proton pump along with the reducing power from photosynthesis come together with the CO2 captured via the enzyme rubisco, and fixes carbon dioxide in the cavlin cycle. The input into glycolysis from the calvin cycle is PGA (3PG) and the input to the calvin cycle from glycolysis is G3P. glycolysis also makes glucose. KREBS CYCLE WITH THE ELECTRON TRANSPORT CHAIN The glucose available to the cell is stored from reverse krebs during the day, and goes into glycolysis. Glycolysis produces NADH 2ATPS, and most importantly pyruvate. The pyruvate goes into Krebs and Krebs then produces 2ATPS CO2 and most importantly NADH and FADH2. The NADH and FADH2 act as the reducing power that goes into the electron transport chain, and the electron transport chain borrows and electron from the NADH and FADH2, oxidizing them to NAD+ and FAD+, the electron transport chain then delivers the electrons down its many electron carriers, and eventually hands the electron down to the oxygen at the bottom of the chain, which is very electron hungry. The O2 oxygen at the end of the electron transport chain then gets converted to H2O. while the electron transport chain is handing the electron down to its carriers, it is also ejecting protons out of the cell again making the H+ gradient high on the outside of the cell. This again
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Bio processes - T HE DARK CYCLE-CALVIN CYCLE Photosynthesis...

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