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Questions, Week 7 1.) Know how to find two RNA molecules in NAD+. 2.) Draw a sketch to describe how photosynthesis simultaneously solves both the osmosis crisis (too much solute inside the cell), and the energy crisis (no more ATP). Use the words, chlorophyll, light, photon, electron, H 2 S, S, H + , electron carrier, inside cell, outside cell, H + gradient, original H + pump, ADP, ATP. 3.) Why doesn’t making energy by photosynthesis completely solve the problem caused by glucose depletion? 4.) How does the cell make food as a dividend of photosynthesis? Use the words, ATP, electron carrier, reducing power, NADH, CO 2 , carbon fixation, carbohydrate, “reverse Krebs cycle”, glycolysis. For each pathway or process, be sure to identify the inputs, including their sources, as well as their outputs, and where those outputs are going. Also, be sure to distinguish the roles of reducing power
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Unformatted text preview: and energy during photosynthesis. The electron carrier from photosynthesis ejected protons from inside the cell to outside the cell, and reduced NAD+ to NADH. The high h+ gradient outside of the cell caused the proton pump to run in reverse, and produce ample amounts of ATP from ADP. The reducing power from NADH, and ATP from the proton pump will turn CO2 into carbohydrate and ultimately into glucose. So the NADH, ATP and CO2 go into the Krebs cycle where carbon fixation occurs. Pyruvate along with NAD+ and ADP are products of the Krebs cycle. The most important is pyruvate which goes into glycolysis “in reverse”, along with NADH and ATP. The products of glycolysis “in reverse” are ADP, NAD+ and glucose, glucose being the most important. 5.) What other classes of molecule are synthesized from precursors produced by the Krebs cycle?...
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