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Unformatted text preview: Class Logistics: Class Logistics: AS 101 Lecture 4 AS • Problem Set 1: • Problem Set 2: Due today in class Solution Set available Web based – see email If you cannot access web email prof Oppenheim or TF. Today’s Class • • • Observing the Night Sky – coordinates and perspective Angles and sizes Seasons & Earth’s orbit Supriya Chakrabarti Shoe­pre­oh Chalk­row­bore­tea The sky varies as Earth orbits the Sun The Ecliptic is the path of the sun Ecliptic through the celestial sphere Equinoxes Equinoxes Vernal Equinox (N. Hemisphere) • Spring Equinox • Mar 20 2010 1:32 PM EDT • Where is the Sun on this date: At Dawn At Noon: • • • From the N. Pole. How high above the horizon? From Australia From Boston Autumnal Equinox: Sept. 23 (fall) Summer Solstice: June 22 Winter Solstice: Dec 21 How high above the horizon? Apparent Motion of Sun Defines the Ecliptic Plane Apparent Derrick Taylor: How many degrees does the Sun move around the Celestial Sphere each day? Special Latitudes on the Earth Special Joseph kenny: What is special about N. Hemisphere winter solstice at the Antarctic circle? Seasonal Change in Sun’s Altitude Seasonal Sun at same time each day over a year. ...
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