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While I believe all Pre-Socratic philosophers had compelling ideas for their time, the one I feel had the most compelling ideas is Heraclitus. Heraclitus believed that all is fire meaning fire is a basic element. He believed that because it is fire’s nature to change, that this was the root substance of the world. Heraclitus believes that change was not random and was caused by a cosmic order, which he called logos. These logos are described as the changes, be as we are not the same young as we are old, or the river in his time is not the same river now because the water has changed. I find Heraclitus’s ideas compelling because I personally believe that everything
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Unformatted text preview: changes in time, and that nothing stays exactly the same. I am a different person now versus when I was a child simply because I have grown and learned things. I have scars and which were not always there, and I have broken bones, which change them. In Heraclitus’s ideas this would be perceived as two different people, however I am still one person, just changed. The city I grew up in has changed, as there are new buildings and businesses. So his ideas to me seem very realistic for his time and the current time....
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