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Checkpoint skinner article - which we are learning, so...

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CheckPoint: Skinner Article CheckPoint: Skinner Article BEH/225 Hannah Jackson 1
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CheckPoint: Skinner Article B.F. Skinner made brilliant contributions to psychology, and his work is still evident today. His work with operant conditioning, positive reinforcement, punishment and his belief in superstitions can all be considered in situations such as parents and their toddlers or dog owners and their puppies. Any time a person observes teaching or instructs others on what is acceptable or what is not they are using one of skinners works. Through operant conditioning Skinner determined where each step taken toward learning a behavior which is reinforced, it is the easiest way to teach someone something new such as potty training. Operant conditioning plays a role in all aspects of our lives, because as we grow we are always put into different situations in
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Unformatted text preview: which we are learning, so therefore multiple situations arise in our lives that require our behavior to be reinforced. Positive reinforcement and operant conditioning work together to provide a reward associated with success. This is also a powerful motivator, such as giving a dog a treat after it does a trick. Punishment too, however, plays a role in operant conditioning because it associates something unpleasant with the doing of something disfavored, like giving a child time out for hitting. Superstition, Skinner taught us, occurs when we associate chance occurrences with whatever we were doing at certain time; like children who expect magic only when they use the right words. 2...
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Checkpoint skinner article - which we are learning, so...

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