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competitive advantages - which competitors fear to take...

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Apple’s competitive advantage lies in their innovation where they spend a lot of money and time  in bringing out unique models and design. Apple always wanted to be in a niche category with  its own set of customers who can enable to follow their vision and bring in products which can  speak for themselves the most amazing part of this company is that though they are highly  priced they have the edge to sell them at what the market demands. The competitive bidding in  terms of pricing is instigated by the millions of apple customers across the globe. The company  has also great strength in technology process which makes them to sell across regions like hot  cakes. They spend lot of time and energy in deciding the growth process and build on features 
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Unformatted text preview: which competitors fear to take time. Their target market positioning is not on the common man but towards a specific community who are passionate about their products and usage. The product strength in terms of look and usage is also great which makes them get an appeal from all the customers. The release of every product from this company has been judged with lot of time and patience and their lead lies in creating a unique space for themselves wherever they enter. Apple has also established its own delivery centers which make them unique retailers with their trained staff members and their unique software which can be used to download their applications and products. Their licensing and support from vendors also create a cutting edge....
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