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competitive rivalry - can say that apple is almost nil in...

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Apple’s rivals are Dell, HP, Microsoft, and other telecom companies like nokia, Samsung etc. Apple has always been in the lead trying to beat its rivals by taking them by horns in terms of design and application usage. They have a unique edge in terms of technology and they were the first people in the world to create virus free software which made them compatible with all systems in the world. Today if you look at the strategic position held by them in the market they have different set of approach by which they are able to bend the market according to their taste. The pricing factor is also very competitive and their range of products with different capacity makes the whole game very exciting in nature. Hence we
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Unformatted text preview: can say that apple is almost nil in terms of rivalry that is created in the market. Sometimes it is very surprising to see that Apple creates its own competition and tries to project or make others follow the trend. For example the touch type phones became a big hit due apple iphone which picked up the market in a great manner. Due to this revolution other mobile manufacturing companies started following them. There are market leaders in their own sense and every product the create have their own demand and cycle of growth which seems to be never ending. Their rivalry is decrease because of lesser bargaining power and more demand push in the market driven by the consumers everywhere....
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