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Apple’s profitability is affected by various economy variables of the country as well as foreign market. Majority of the American companies had suffered due to economic turmoil. At this situation also Apple Inc. survived because of its CEO – Steve Jobs, its technology based innovative products, research and development etc. Currently, United States economy is showing recovery and some improvement trends. As the US economy is growing (GDP increases by 2.6% in the third quarter), there is good potential for Apple to earn profit in the future. As well as the consumer expenditure also presents the statistics that consumer is spending more and more on computers and computer peripherals, ipod and related products have now become necessity item throughout each segments of consumers. Consumers throughout the globe has increased the purchase rate of iPhones and iPad and also purchased millions of laptops. This has helped Apple Inc to earn enhanced their triple bottom line. In the year
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Unformatted text preview: 2009, Apple has reported best quarterly earnings and revenues despite of economic uncertainty. Further, in last five years, the companys stock price has grown by 729% making it a market leader and a top performer. According to last quarter result, Apple Inc has market cap of approx $300 billion. During May 2010, it became the worlds most valuable company in the technology segment. It has reported net income of $6 billion that was 78% above the last year income. In the year 2011, it had reported strong sales in all its product lines. Further, launch of faster and lighter version of iPad2 (March 2011) by Steve Jobs will lead to improved Apples financial performance despite of the economic downturn. References
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