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Explain why Apple is able to maintain being as successful as they are while having numerous competitors chasing after their piece of the pie, with references Solution Apple has always been a company driven by innovation. It constantly came out with better quality products. While other competitors who manufacture the same kind of products like Microsoft, sony, etc , were focused on cost control, Apple came out with new product designs which lured the consumers. In any industry, it is always important to come up with what the people actually want, innovative designs, new technology etc, as equally important is the price of the product. But
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Unformatted text preview: comparatively if the price is not too large, then innovation leads the race. Apple has come up with most lucrative of designs like their Mac , the ipod brought about a revolution in the music industry, with its superb features, and now iphone and ipad are making a mark, and these products are far ahead of their competitors in terms of technology and taking into account the price factor, the price difference is not so high. This is the reason why, although there are numerous competitors chasing after apple’s piece of pie, apple always comes out as the winner....
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