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MARKETING 2300 – MARKETING MANAGEMENT WINTER SEMESTER 2011 Instructor: Dr. Abe Biswas Office: 214 Prentis Office Hrs: W – after class and by Appointment Phone: 225.284.7969 (Cell - Preferred); 734.997.9124 (Home); 313.577.1499 (Office) e-mail: [email protected] e-mail for questions and messages related to this class: [email protected] (with copy to [email protected] ) RECOMMENDED TEXT: MARKETING by Grewal and Levy, ed. 2, 2010, McGraw-Hill Irwin. ISBN-13: 978-0-07-338095-7 ; ISBN-10: 0-07-338095-4 COURSE PACKET: Overheads will be posted on Blackboard. COURSE OBJECTIVE: The primary objective of Marketing Management is to introduce the fundamental concepts in marketing to students new to the discipline. Consequently, this course will cover a variety of marketing topics and a vast amount of material. It is important to understand that most topics covered in this class are offered as regular courses by the marketing department and the purpose of this class is to provide students a solid foundation for these higher level marketing courses. In addition, this course is designed to provide non-business majors a solid overview of marketing in general. Regardless of the student's major, it is expected that the student should develop the ability to approach/understand corporate decision-making from a marketing perspective. The course should heighten awareness of surrounding marketing activities and make us more knowledgeable consumers. EXAMS: There will be three exams given during the semester. All three exams are weighted equally. Because only three exams will be given during the semester, there will be no opportunity for dropping the lowest exam grade. Therefore, treat each exam very seriously and DO NOT MISS ANY EXAM. NO MAKE-UP EXAMS WILL BE GIVEN. All exams will be objective (multiple-choice). For exams, each student must bring (1) a Scantron form, (2) A #2 pencil (and eraser), and (3) his/her ID. All lectures, discussions, articles listed in the three Reading Lists, articles read in class, videos, and presentations by guest speakers are considered testable material. While class participation is not a part of your final grade, class discussion and comments are encouraged. Exams will be given during normal class time.
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GRADING Exam I 100 points Exam I I 100 points Final Exam 100 points Total 300 points The following grading scale will be used to determine your grade at the end of the semester: 93% or More (279 or more) = A 90% - Less than 93% (270 – 278) = A- 87% - Less than 90% (261 – 269) = B+ 83% - Less than 87% (249 – 260) = B 80% - Less than 83% (240 – 248) = B- 77% - Less than 80% (231 – 239) = C+ 73% - Less than 77% (219 – 230)
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