Song of Roland

Song of Roland - It is easy to come to a conclusion and...

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It is easy to come to a conclusion and agree that the Crusades we have learned so much about in history have such a large part within the entire plot and (or) theme of the Song of Roland . It has been said in the past by many authors and writers that the Song of Roland was the first major piece of French literature. As always some do not believe that way and there was some disagreement with that statement but most everybody can come to an agreement that Song of Roland was most definitely the most profound and dominant piece of French literature. A clear definition of the Crusades is needed to fully understand the relevance it has towards the Song of Roland . The Crusades by definition, according to the Journal of Near Eastern were “the attempt by Western Christianity to regain the Holy Lands taken by the Muslim conquest” (Hoffman, p. 302). It is easy to link the Crusades to the situations in the eleventh century Europe, both politically and socially. It revolves around the political and religious confrontation of the Christians and the Islamic people. Although many nations were involved in the Crusades, our focus is mainly on the French involvement. The trained armies of Frances and their leaders were clearly not the first to try to undertake the journey
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towards Jerusalem. Many countries tried and although some were successful, many were not. The success from the
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Song of Roland - It is easy to come to a conclusion and...

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