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Issues in Minority Health care ISSUES IN MINORITY HEALTH CARE Issues in Minority Health Care Emerson C. Mompremier Southern Illinois University School of Medicine 1
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Issues in Minority Health care Introduction Minority status refers to a group in the society which has been assigned an inferior status. This group does not enjoy a proportionate share of the national resource. Discrimination is common among minority groups. In some cases the majority group exploits them for economic gain. In the United States the health care system has been perceived to discriminate against these groups. Minorities under utilize health services and their mortality and morbidity rates are higher compared to the majority group (LaVeist, Bowie, and Coolly-Quille, 2000). Similarly, in health care professions minorities have little representation. It is for this reason that there has been pressure to change health policy which tends to impact negatively on minority groups. Morbidity and Mortality among Minorities Statistics from the Department of Health and Human Services point to the disparities that exist in the population. For instance African-Americans are reportedly at a higher risk compared to Caucasians of fatality from all major diseases (Nickens, 2002). They are almost twice as vulnerable to die of stroke, 40 per cent vulnerability to heart disease, 35 per cent to die of cancer and 27 per cent lung cancer. The likelihood to suffer from diabetes among African- Americans is 70 per cent and almost 40 per cent hypertension. Prostate cancer hits black men 1.5 times more
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Issues_in_minority_healthcare - Issues in Minority Health...

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