alguno - news (online) el noticiero newscast parcial biased...

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alguno(a) que otro(a) (cosa) the occasional (thing) el canal channel el concurso game show considerarse to consider oneself controvertido(a) controversial la crisis ambiental/ económica/política environmental/economic/political crisis detallado(a) detailed el documental documentary de modo. .. in a . . . way educativo(a) educational la emisora radio/TV station Es evidente que. .. It’s evident that . . . estar al tanto to be up-to-date estar bien/mal informado(a) to be well/poorly informed Estoy convencido(a) de que. .. I’m convinced that . . . Estoy seguro(a) (de) que. .. I’m positive that . . . (poco) fiable (un)trustworthy imparcial unbiased, objective informar to inform informativo(a) informative inspirarle confianza to inspire trust in investigar to research el ( la ) locutor(a) announcer, newscaster las noticias (en línea)
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Unformatted text preview: news (online) el noticiero newscast parcial biased pasar por alto to overlook la radio radio (as a medium) el reportaje news report el ( la ) reportero(a) reporter resear to review, critique la telenovela soap opera tratar un tema a fondo to cover a topic in depth Dudo que ests bien informado(a) sobre. ../que sepas. .. I doubt that youre well informed about . . ./that you know . . . No creo que los periodistas/los noticieros sean. .. I dont think that journalists/newscasts are . . . No estoy seguro(a) (de) que tengas razn sobre. .. Im not sure that youre right about . . . Parece mentira que haya. ../que digan. .. Its hard to believe that there are . . ./that they say . . ....
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alguno - news (online) el noticiero newscast parcial biased...

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