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HRM/531 Human Capital Management University of Phoenix Material SCENARIO: InterClean, Inc. Company Overview In the $8 billion dollar institutional and industrial cleaning and sanitation industry, success is no longer about which products best cut through the grime or kill the most germs. As the industry evolves, clients are more and more interested in not just products, but solutions and services that will streamline their cleaning efforts in the wake of more stringent requirements for environmental safety. Health care clients, for example, are continually faced with new regulations governing the maintenance of their sterile environment. Cleaning companies can offer greater value to these clients by providing turn-key solutions that include product training for employees, regular monitoring and info-sharing of new relevant regulations and, in some cases, full cleaning service contracts. Retail customers have shown interest in similar operational solutions. For InterClean, Inc., a major player on the sanitation scene, future profitability hinges on fulfilling this emerging need. Currently, the sales force excels at demonstrating and selling product, but under the newly proposed solutions/service model, reps will be grouped into multi-functional teams prepared to support InterClean‘s high-quality products with high-quality service. They’ll be instructed in development of full-range service packages tailored to individual accounts. They’ll be trained to engage directly with facilities managers, health care professionals, and operational executives in their customers' organizations. And this will all happen in 90 to 180 days, when a marketing blitz announces the launch of InterClean’s new service focus. THE PLAYERS David Spencer, President and CEO: At age 47, David inherited InterClean from his father, who was responsible for the company’s early corporate accomplishments. A successful businessman himself, David is driven to make InterClean an industry leader. He is ambitious, competitive and willing to take risks in order to grow the business and expand into new markets. Janet Durham, Vice President of Human Resources: Janet began as a sales representative with InterClean 15 years ago, when she was 40 years old. Though she’s worked her way up to her current position, she still has strong ties to many sales force members. She is pragmatic and very interested in using technology to automate the HR function. Tom Jennings, Vice President of Marketing: David Spencer recruited Jennings to lead this new department just a year ago, when Jennings was 62. Tom’s expertise lies in strategic systems planning and he’d like to move InterClean rapidly into strategic dominance in its industry. Tom views the current corporate restructuring as a obstacle to his goal, but a necessary evil that
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InterClean_Scenario - HRM/531 Human Capital Management...

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