chpt18 - Chapter 18 - Manifest Destiny and Its Legacy John...

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Chapter 18 - Manifest Destiny and Its Legacy John Tyler An after-thought Vice President to William Henry Harrison in the election of 1840. He was a democrat but switched over to the Whig Party because he didn't like Andrew Jackson. After Harrison died after a month in office, Tyler took over. Since he was a Democrat in his principle he was against many of the things the Whigs tried to do. He became the first Vice President to take office because of a presidents death. John Slidell American and Mexico were on unfriendly terms with each other. The disagreement came over boundaries along Texas and in California. John Slidell was sent to Mexico in 1845 as a minister, He was given instructions to offer $25 million to the Mexicans for California. He was rejected by the Mexicans and they called this offer "insulting". After Mexico refused it lead to the Mexico American war. Winfield Scott Old Fuss and Feathers", led American troops in Mexico City during the Mexican American War Mexicans surrendered to him Lord Ashburton Lord Ashburton was sent by England to Washington in 1842 to work things out with Secretary Webster over boundary disputes. He was a nonprofessional diplomat that was married to a wealthy American woman. Ashburton and Webster finally compromised on the Maine boundary. They split the area of land and Britain kept the Halifax-Quebec route. Zachary Taylor A major general from 1846-1847 in the Mexican War. Known as "Old Rough and Ready," he defeated the Mexicans in a campaign that took him to Buena Vista in Mexico. The victorious campaign helped pressure the Mexicans into peace.
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chpt18 - Chapter 18 - Manifest Destiny and Its Legacy John...

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