chpt23 - Chapter 23 The Ordeal of Reconstruction Oliver O...

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Chapter 23 - The Ordeal of Reconstruction Oliver O. Howard Head of the Freedmen's Bureau which was intended to be a kind of primitive welfare agency for free blacks. Later founded and served as President of Howard University in Washington D.C. Andrew Johnson What: President after Lincoln's assassination When: 1864- 1868( president) Why: " An accidental president" who was an ex-Tennessee Senator. Johnson was Lincoln's vice-president. He was a Southerner who did not understand the North, a Tennessee who had never been accepted by the Republicans, and a president who had never been elected to the office. Republicans feared that Southerners might join hands with Democrats in the North and win control of Congress. If the South ran Congress blacks might be enslaved once again. To protest blacks, Congress passed the Civil Rights Bill, but Johnson vetoed the Bill. Congress tried to have Johnson impeached. The bill to have him impeached passed in the Senate. The one great achievement that Johnson's administration committed was the purchase of Alaska. Alexander Stephens He was the vice-president of the Confederacy until 1865 when it was defeated and destroyed by the Union. Like the other leaders of the Confederacy, he was under indictment for treason. Charles Sumner Charles Sumner was the Senator for Massachusetts. He was a leading abolitionist. He spoke against slavery and openly insulted Butler in the wake of the Kansas-Nebraska crisis. Preston S. Brooks was offended by the insults and beat Sumner with a cane. Sumner had very serious injuries and had to leave for three and a half years to recover. Mass. reelected Sumner. This showed how emotional the North and South were and how close they were to war. Thaddeus Stevens Thaddeus Stevens was a radical Republican congressman. He tried to
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chpt23 - Chapter 23 The Ordeal of Reconstruction Oliver O...

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