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Chapter 19 Drifting Toward Disunion APUSH Kansas-Nebraska Act 0. 1854 1. The Nebraska Territory would be divided into Kansas territory and Nebraska territory with each one being decided by ___________________. 2. Since both of these territories were located north of the _________ line, Southerners had little incentive to support this bill so Senator Douglas included in the act that the Missouri Compromise be repealed. 3. This is supported by the ________ (saw it as a chance to get one more state in Kansas). 4. This was opposed by the ____________ 5. Results of Kansas-Nebraska Act 0. 1. Splits the _________________ 1. 2. Strain of the Kansas-Nebraska Act destroys the Whig Party. 2. 3. The ____________________ will be organized in response to this act. “Bleeding Kansas” 6. After the passage of the Kansas-Nebraska Act, attention swung to Kansas. 7. Stephen Douglas expected the slavery issue in the territory to be settled peacefully. 8. All agreed Nebraska would be a __________ state but Kansas soon exposed the potential for controversy in popular sovereignty. 9. ____________________________ supporters rushed into settle Kansas to affect the outcome of the election which would determine whether Kansas would be a free or slave state. 10. Anti-slavery groups 3. The first and best known was the ________________________________. 4. This group paid for transportation for __________________ settlers to Kansas. 5. During the 1855-1856 year, it sent around 1250 colonists to Kansas. 6. However, they were soon in the business of ________________. 11. Anti-slavery groups - 7. Rev. Henryward Beecher was soon identified with this. 0. “___________________” – rifles sent by his congregation to Kansas 12. Pro-slavery groups 8. Slave holders form the neighboring state of Missouri also set up homesteads in Kansas chiefly as a means of ________________________________ of the south of Kansas. 13. Fighting soon broke out between the proslavery and the anti-slavery groups and the territory becomes known as “______________________.” 14. This term is coined by _____________________ Fraudulent Election
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15. When the first election took place in Kansas, several thousand proslavery Missourians nicknamed ____________________ by their enemies crossed the border to vote on the issue of allowing slavery in Kansas. 0. ___________________ carried the election but were charged with fraud by the anti-slavery settlers. 1. By March 1856, Kansas had two rival governments established: 0. 1. the Free State settlers refused to accept the results of the election and created their own Free State government and legislature in ____________. 1. 2. The Pro-slavery settlers set up a slave state government and legislature in _________. 16. Sack of Lawrence
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ch_19_outline_apush - Chapter 19 Drifting Toward Disunion...

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