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Chapter 20 Civil War Election of President Lincoln 0. This election culminated in more than a decade of increasing sectional conflict between the North and South. 1. It ultimately severed the Union. 0. The election of the ________________ candidate without a single southern electoral vote began a chain of events that included: 1. 1. secession of ______ deep South states 2. 2. the establishment of the Confederate States of America (Confederacy) 3. 3. the drafting of a new ________________ and the election of a new president and vice president for the Confederacy. 2. All of these events took place in the interim between Lincoln’s election in November, 1860 and his inauguration as President in early March, 1861 (while Buchanan was a lame-duck). 4. At Lincoln’s inaugural address, as president he had made his decision on war, “physically speaking, we cannot separate.” 5. If Lincoln allowed the South the leave, new issues would arise in the government 0. How to split the __________________? 1. How to split jointly held federal territories if the south would get a share at all? 2. _______________ issues between two countries? 3. Would a divided America be seen as a weaker America to _____________? The war begins 6. After the 7 deep South states seceded, most federal forts, arsenals and other property were quickly taken over by state forces, sometimes even before the state officially seceded. 7. The states justified their actions by claiming the ultimate sovereignty of these lands remained in the states and that upon secession, ______________________________________. Fort Sumter 3. However, two forts remained in federal hands, one being __________________ in Charleston, South Carolina. 4. Lincoln learned that the garrison at Fort Sumter was in trouble on the day he took office as President in March 1861. The garrison stationed there was running out of ______________ and had no way of obtaining these on shore. 8. President Lincoln ordered a relief expedition to sail immediately and informed the Governor of South Carolina of his decision. Lincoln was sending _________________ to the men, not __________________________. 9. Neither Lincoln nor Davis wanted to order the first strike. Either could be accused to starting the Civil War at that point. 10. For Davis, gaining control of Fort Sumter was the key to the ________________ of the Confederacy.
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5. ______________________, commander of the Confederates military forces in Charleston, demanded the surrender of the garrison Union of Fort Sumter in Charleston Harbor. Garrison commander ____________________ refused. 6.
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ch_20_outline_apush - Chapter 20 Civil War Election of...

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