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Chapter 22: Ordeal of Reconstruction APUSH Reconstruction 0. ____________________ 1. Reconstruction involved controversies over 0. 1. _____________________ of southern states back into the Union 1. 2. Civil and political rights for slaves 2. 3. direction and control of the Reconstruction period Development in the North 0. In the absence of the Southern members of Congress, during the war the North was able to pass legislation that was favorable to them such as 0. 1. the Morrill Tariff that increased duties (1861) 1. 2. The ______________________________ which created a uniform banking and currency system and helped finance the war. 2. 3. ______________________ – for a transcontinental railroad which would run along a North-Central route from Omaha to Sacramento (1862) 3. 4. ____________________ – gave free homesteads of 160 acres to settlers who occupied the land for 5 years (1862) 4. 5. ____________________ – money from the sales of land would be used to create agricultural colleges. Ex. Clemson Devastation in the South 0. The postwar South, where most of the fighting occurred, offered a sharp contrast to the victorious North 1. Throughout the South 0. 1. _____________________ had collapsed 1. 2. Confederate bonds and money became ____________________ 2. 3. most railroads were damaged or destroyed It is not until ________ that cotton would again equal the record harvest of the year 1860. Emancipation 2. There were a variety of the responses to emancipation…. 3. 1. Some slaves joined the Union troops 4. 2. Some slaves stayed loyal to their __________________ 3. 3. Some black communities moved together in search of opportunity 0. Ex – __________________ – 25, 000 African-Americans left the South and went to Kansas. Their migration was halted when steamboat captains refused to take them across the Mississippi. 3. For African-Americans, emancipation meant that the former slaves could – 5. Have the opportunity to get an ____________________ 6. To search for ____________________ 7. Get legally __________________ 8. Economic opportunity The Freedmen’s Bureau 4. March 1865 5. Created to cope with the problem of an ________________________________ by Congress.
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6. This was a postwar Welfare agency that was to provide food, clothing, medical care and most importantly an _________________ for those made destitute by the war (both African-Americans and Whites). 7. Headed by Union__________________________________ 9. Under his leadership, the Bureau helped establish ___________________ for freed blacks including several black colleges. 8. The Freedmen’s Bureau’s greatest success came in the educating of ________________ 9. Before federal funding was stopped in 1870, the bureau’s schools taught an estimated 200,000 African Americans how to read. 10. However, in other areas, the Bureau’s accomplishments were meager.
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ch_22_outline_apush - Chapter 22: Ordeal of Reconstruction...

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