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Chapter 37 The Cold War Begins APUSH Postwar Economic Anxieties 0. The Americans cheered the end of WWII in 1945 but many worried that with the war over, the U.S. would sink back into another __________________. Post-War Gloom 1. Upon war’s end, inflation shot up (prices up __________%) with the release of price controls while gross national product sank (during 46-47), and __________________ swept the nation. 2. To get even with labor (striking), Congress passed the Taft-Harley Act 0. Outlawed “closed” shop (all-unionized shops) 1. Made labor unions liable for ____________ that resulted from jurisdictional disputes among themselves 2. Required that union leaders take ______________________ 3. President __________________ this bill but Congress overrides it 3. Labor tried to organize in the South and West with “____________________” but this proved frustrating and unsuccessful. 4. Shops are _____________________ apart in the South than in the North 5. ___________________________ in the South that kept numbers from growing Wiping away the gloom…. 4. To forestall an economic downturn the Democratic administration… 6. 1. ________________________ and other government installations to private businesses cheaply 7. 2. Passed the Employment Act of 1946 0. Made it government policy to “promote maximum employment, production and purchasing power” 0. -3. created the __________________________ to provide the president with data to make that policy a reality 1. 4. Passed the Servicemen’s Readjustment Act of 1944 (also known as the GI Bill of Rights) 0. Allowed all servicemen to have ___________________________ once they returned from the war (this cost Uncle Sam 14.5 billion dollars) 1. Also guaranteed ______________________ to returning servicemen to buy homes, farms and small businessmen (this also helped to stimulate the economy and the Baby Boom). The Long Economic Boom, 1950-1970 5. Then, in the late 1940s and into the 1960s, the economy began to boom tremendously and people who had felt the sting of the Great Depression now wanted to bask in prosperity. 6. The GNP began to climb again in 1948 and then soar in 1950. 7. National income almost doubled in _______ and double again in ________. 2. The middle class more than doubled while people now wanted TWO cars in every garage.
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3. Over _____________ of American families owned a television. 4. The middle class was defined as families that earned between __________ and _________ a year. This doubles pre-Depression earnings. 5. Americans were only _______ of the planet’s population but controlled _______ of the world’s wealth. 8. This gives the U.S. a new confidence in dealing with domestic and foreign affairs. 9.
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ch_37_outline_apush - Chapter 37 The Cold War Begins APUSH...

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