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Transformation Process- Physical (manu), Locational (warehouse), Exchange (retail), Physiological (health care), Psychological (entertainment), Informational (communication) Industrial Revolution (late 1700s) – Eli Whitney (interchangeable parts) Scientific Management (early 1990s) – Henry Ford (assembly line), quality engineering Retrenching – productivity inc; output and input decrease with input decreasing at faster rate fitness for use – how well product or service does what it is supposed to conformance – degree to which product meets pre-est standards serviceability – ease of getting repairs, speed of repairs, courtesy/competence or repair person perceptions – subjective perceptions based on brand name, advertising Dimensions of Quality (services): timeliness, completeness, courtesy, consistency, responsiveness Quality of conformance: making sure product/service is produced according to design Walter Shewart: 1920s – developed control charts, “quality assurance”
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