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cvbilicki_1867 - Users requiring more detailed information...

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http://physics.nist.gov/cuu/Units/ Constants, Units & Uncertainty Essentials of the SI      Introduction This is a brief summary of the SI, the modern metric system  of measurement. Long the language universally used in  science, the SI has become the dominant language of  international commerce and trade. These "essentials" are  adapted from NIST Special Publication 811 (SP 811),  prepared by B. N. Taylor and entitled  Guide for the Use of  the International System of Units (SI) , and NIST Special  Publication 330 (SP 330), edited by B. N. Taylor and entitled  The International System of Units (SI)
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Unformatted text preview: . Users requiring more detailed information may access SP 811 and SP 330 online from the Bibliography , or order SP 811 for postal delivery . Information regarding the adoption and maintenance of the SI may be found in the section International aspects of the SI . SI units and prefixes Units outside the SI Rules and style conventions Background Definitions of the SI base units and their historical context International aspects of the SI Unit conversions...
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